Movie Review: Northanger Abbey 2007

    I have returned back from the land of no blogging, (terrible place it is m'dears, you must never go there.) And why not start off with a bang? So I will do another movie review, because I haven't done one in a while.

Oh, this movie was sweet. It really, really, was. I really enjoyed it, it was different from your usual Austen movie. But let me elaborate on that....

     Northanger Abbey follows the story of Catherine Moorland, who is the eldest? one of many children. She travels to Bath with some relatives, and there she meets Henry Tilney, who is the son of a very rich and prominent man. And she begins to.... You will have to watch the movie to find out. *grins cruelly at your agony*

Catherine is a sweet girl, she really is. However, she is rather addicted to graphic romance novels, and a good part of the movie is her dreaming constantly about these very silly, and rather creepy novels, and spending time with her very silly, very unwise friend gushing over all the scandals. On the other hand, she is really quite innocent, and doesn't realize the harm the novels could cause her. She is not my favorite heroine, but she is sweet. She is played by Felicity Jones, and was portrayed really well. (she seems really young, but I shan't harp over that)

As for Henry Tilney, oh my soul. Who needs proud Mr. Darcy, when you can have witty, adorable, thoughtful, and polite Henry? (And yes, he is now my favorite Austen hero) He is played by J. J. Field, who was great as him.

  He is so kind to Catherine, so polite, so funny. I love how he kindly teases her, and gently tells her that he doesn't approve of her novels.. (more on those later....) I really loved his easy going attitude, and his complete devotion to Catherine. And I love how sweet and amazing he is to his sister. (brothers take heed!)  Just to show you how sweet he is, her is a clip. And besides, he understands muslin!

   Okay. Now to address the novel-reading. These novels obviously are not worth reading, at all, and they are rather cheesy. And Catherine takes the reading to far. Unfortunately the movie had to show scenes of all her dreams, and other scandalous thoughts, which, had the scenes lasted any longer, would have become most inappropriate, and been promptly fast forwarded. But we didn't have to fast forward any, which was good.  Thankfully the movie does resolve the novel problem at the end, and shows that flirting with every handsome mysterious man, is not okay. (Yes I'm looking at you, Catherine's silly friend and her friend's awful brother.!)

  As to the rest of the movie, besides the afore mentioned dreams and such, it was really good and mom and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The sets were lovely, the acting great, the costumes gorgeous, the plot line intriguing, and the romance sweet. And I rather fell in love with Henry, (he's mine peoples!).

All in all, I would defiantly recommend this movie. It is sweet, and well, it is an Austen, so it is alway's worth your time. So go, begone, and watch this movie. You will be glad you did, as I was. 

(sorry for the homemade trailer btw, it's the only one I could find! And why is it sideways? ugghh!)


  1. Henry was mine fiiiiiiirst!!!! Haha:D I'm so glad you liked this movie, and that you reviewed it! And YES FINALLY--Mr. Darcy is NOT the ultimate Austen hero, he's--ahem. I shan't go into my Darcy rant. It'd be no fun;)

    Lovely, lovely review! (And the pictures!)

    1. Ha ha! We will have to share him. :)

      I know, why would you want stuck up Mr. Darcy, when you can have Henry Tilney??

      Thank you! Yes, the pictures.. Oh my stars they are lovely.

  2. Henry does sound rather charming, but no worries:) That's all I shall say.

    1. Ha ha, okay! Are you going to watch the movie??? Oh do do do!!

  3. I love Northanger Abbey!! Glad to find others with the same preferences.
    One cannot simply claim Henry as ones own (if you could, I would've done it years ago)
    A very good revies, I enjoyed reading it!

    1. Oh yes, it was such a sweet movie!!

      Ha ha, I suppose, but I like to think of him as mine ;)

      Thank you! I'm glad you liked it.


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