Good gosh, where does the time go…..

     Woah. It is November. Already! Time literally floated by me. Oh well, that means we are closer to christmas, which is all good. :) Anywho, on to the post.

     My latest musical "crush" so to speak, has been this band called Collabro. They're a british boy band.. (British!!) And they are simply. gorgeous. They do mostly covers, but their harmony is splendid… And well you shall see for your self what I mean. By the way, they also won last year's Britain's Got Talent. Just saying. This is the song they sung on BGT… It's Stars from Les Mis. Uh huh. So play it long and loud… You won't regret it.

I'm a "Collaborator" now… Are you? (that really sounded like propaganda…:)