Happy Birthday C. S. Lewis!!

   Today is the birthday of our dear Jack!!!!!! *loud cheering* I calculated today that if C. S. Lewis was still alive, he would be around 117 years old!! I really had not fathomed how long he has been around. (He was born in 1898)

  Wow. I'm so grateful for this amazing man, and the talent that God gave him. I'm so grateful mom read me The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe all those years ago, and that I picked up one of his books. I'm so grateful for the adventures I've had, and the new world I discovered in Narnia.

 I'm so thankful for the bits of wisdom that he spoke, for the great insight into profound, deep things that he has been able to share in his writing.

Yes, I stole this from you Olivia.. :) 
  While I haven't read many of his other works besides Narnia, I have read Out of The Silent Planet, and half of Perelandra. At first I was surprised by how different it was from Narnia, and almost disappointed, but I still found myself connected to his work in a deep, personal way. I remember reading non stop all morning, and neglecting my school work, because I wasn't at home, I was on Malacandra...!!  I was swept up in his ideas of space, innocence, friendship, and human nature and how it has destroyed our culture. I was fascinated by his idea that pleasure and pleasurable memories are not necessarily what we feel at the moment that they are taking place, but the joy of looking back at them: and why would we strive to re live those moments?

I can't wait to read more of his stuff: several of his books are on my Christmas list. ;) (Because what else would I ask for??)

Anyway...  Here's to my favorite author; an avid reader, a firm believer, a unashamed dreamer, a gifted writer, and an inspiration to us all. Here's to C. S. Lewis!



  1. Very nice post! I love the picture of Aslan.

    1. Thank you! I loved that one to, it's beautiful.


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