My Favorite Narnian Dresses

     Okay, so Narnian fashion is to die for right?? Right. So here are a multitude of Narnian dresses, or dresses that look like they are from Narnia. Feast your eyes.

Favorite Narnian Costumes from the movies:

Susan's battle dress.

This one is totally epic, it makes me want to go fight somewhere. :)
Lucy's coronation dress.
 This one is so sweet, and I love the pearls, and the color... I also loved Susan's to.

However,  the cloak doesn't go with it at all. 
 Susan's travel dress.
This one is so practical, and looks like it would be comfortable... I love it.
This one is sooooooo gorgeous!! 
 Susan's Autumn Dress.
Because I couldn't think of a better title. I love the colors! And the details on this one?!! Scrumptious.

 Lucy's Battle dress?
I love love love this one... I love the embroidery, it's so pretty!
She is the cutest thing ever?!
The Farewell dresses:

I can't really choose between these two, so I'm taking both. :) They are soooo pretty!! 

And now for the dresses that I think look very Narnian...

I absouloutly love this one. It could totally be Narnian. Think of it on a summer's day... *swoons*

This one, minus half the beads, would be lovely to... 

I love this one... I mean look at the back. Think of that at a Narnian feast.. I love the colors to. 

Winter Narnia anyone?? I love this one sooooo much!! It's the perfect winter outfit. 

This one is lovely to...

So what do you think of Narnian fashion? 


  1. Sooo pretty!! I love the dresses, too! And the winter one second from the bottom is lovely! :)

    1. Oh I know, right?? They are all so gorgeous!!

  2. The joy of Narnian fashion!
    My favourites are Susan and Lucy's coronation gowns and Susan's farewell dress, but thay are all so lovely.
    And I liked your selection of Narnia like dresses - so beautiful!

    1. I know right? It's so lovely.

      Those dresses are totally swoon worthy!

      Why thank you!

  3. *squeals* All the eye candy!!!! :D

    Another of my favorites of Susan's is her forest green dress from TLTWaTW, when she and Lucy are playing in the creek (I guess just when they're in Aslan's camp). It's so preeeetttyyyy :)

    1. *squeals back* YESS!!! So pretty! :)

      Yes, that one is gorgeous to.. I really could have posted all of the dresses from the movies... :)


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