Review: Once Upon a Time Season 3 and 4

 So I was going to do a post on my vacation.... BUT I read one of Olivia's post, and she was fangirling which got me started to, and now I have to fangirl as well. So if you don't want to read this, leave now. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. There. Now for a recap of my feelings.

I'm the guy on the right..... :) 
Yay. I'm just going to point out the main storyline, and not really go into details. Once is so complex, that if I tried to do an in depth review,... Well, it wouldn't work. By the way.. If you are a new Oncer, *Alicia* stop reading this post, because it is full of spoilers.

  Season 3 began with Hook, Emma, Snow, Charming, Rumple and Regina on the Jolly Roger going to Neverland to find Henry.

That part of season 3 was really good; some people found it slow, but I thought it was good. There was a lot of good character development, and..... Hook and Emma had their first kiss. A lot more happened, but I won't go into the details.

Awsies!! They are to cute for words.
   After returning from Neverland, an ordeal took place which involved the Curse being re-enacted, thus sending everyone back to the Enchanted Forest, except for Emma and Henry; Emma and Henry loosing and then regaining their memories, and a bunch of other stuff happening until our next villain  is introduced. Uggh. I hate her. More on that.

Zelena. The Wicked Witch of the West.  She is despicable. The rest of season three is occupied by her trying to destroy everybody's lives.  I must admit, she is played splendidly by Rebecca Mader, but I still hate her. She needs to disappear. Now.
   So while Zelena is being fought, a lot of important things happen... Robin Hood comes in to the show, Snow has a new baby, and Neal who was supposed to be dead, is alive, and then died again. For realsies this time.

This is so mean. But so funny. 
So season three was really, really good, and it ended with a beautiful eulogy while... *SPOILERS!* 
Rumple and Belle got married, 

Robin and Regina got together,

 and Hook and Emma, well, this explains it all. 

I love these two, so flipping much, it hurts. They are just so darn perfect. But leave it to the writers to kill us at the end of a season, so of course, they had to leave it with a cliff hanger. Aka, Maid Marian, Robin Hood's thought-to-be-dead-wife, comes back, and ruins Robin's and Regina's relationship. Wonderful.  *END OF SPOILERS*
Now on to Season 4. 

Woah. This season was sooooo good, and agghhh. It started off with the apperance of some well known characters...

And our new evil queen, aka Ingrid, aka the Ice Queen....

So I thought that I would hate Frozen coming to Once, but it was actually really good, and I loved Ana and Elsa. The back story was great, as always, and surprisingly Ingrid was my favorite villian so far; for reasons I can't really explain... Other then that she was doing all the bad stuff because she wanted her family back. Again, there was a lot of awesome character development, and Captain Swann.. Awwww.

Once Ingrid was taken care of, four new problems showed up in town...

AGGHHH!! Let me wring his scrawny neck! 

Maleficent, Cruella De'ville, and Ursula. I really hated all three of these ladies, and especially Isaac... but they made for a good story.... Basically the Queens of Darkness (as they are called), and all of our Storybrooke friends were trying to find the author of The Book... In order to give villains their happy endings. And the drama and suspense just escalated till the very end of the season.. Because this happened: 

And then everyone freaked out, because what the heck is going on... Basically the author re wrote the book, and the heroes becomes villains and vice versa.. But then something even worse happens. Everyone gets back to Storybrooke, just as the Dark One dies, and all the dark one darkness is set free... And Emma decides to tether the darkness to herself to save Regina. 

Thus season four leaves you a miserable heap on your couch, because it all went wrong, and Emma told Hook she loves Him, after three seasons... And it hurts to bad. And that my friends is a review of season three and four. My apologies if it was hard to follow, it is sooooo hard to write a non spoiler review of this show.. :) Now I will leave you with this poster...


  1. *gurgles*

    (Don't ask me why I just gurgled. I just felt like gurgling after reading this post. But in the best way.)

    Awesome review!!!! I think S3 and S4 have been the best so far, but that's just me;) I've got to say, I really like Zelena, as a character--I really like how she's done. And I WOULD like Cruella, but her backstory episode kind of freaked the heck out of me and ruined it *scowls*

    Eeeeee, which post of mine were you reading?:D


    I'd heard a lot of negative stuff about Frozen in Once, but I liked it too:)

    Lovely, lovely!

    1. Ha ha, I have made some strange noises to. :)

      Yes!! I agree! S3 and S4 are the best. I'm sorry, but Zelena is just awful. Uggh. Hiwever, she is a amazing character, no matter how much I loathe her. Cruella freaked me out, her backstory was dark! (And I've always been scared of her. ) But I rather liked Maleficent.

      I believe it was you post on your top ten movie couples.. Anything Captain Swan gets me going. :)

      I know right?? I feel horrid for laughing, but it really is cruelly funny.

      Thank you! Glad you enjoyed the post! :)


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