Cinderella Week Tag

  The long awaited Cinderella week is here, and I am so excited! I love Cinderella, so this is perfect.:)

Cinderella Party Tag:

1. In the vast array of fairytale heroines, what particular character qualities most define Cinderella? 
 I think the qualities that define her are her meekness, kindness, and patience. She was in such a frustrating humiliating position, yet she was gentle and good hearted.

2. What are some of the deeper, big picture differences you see between retellings where both stepsisters are nasty and others where one is nasty and one is kind? How do you think the two takes differently develop/illuminate/affect Cinderella’s character and also the overarching story itself?
In those stories, it not only adds a bit of variety and flavor to the plot, it also helps us regard the step-sisters a bit differently, and question why they are "ugly and mean".. Why are they like that? Why do they hate Cinderella so much? I think it's an interesting twist, and really love when a re-telling changes it like that.

3. Are you an animal lover? Would you eagerly count mice, lizards, cows, and geese as friends? Dogs and cats? 
I love animals for the most part.. :) I would heartily welcome cow, geese, dogs, cats, and even lizard's as friends. Mice as well, although I might be a little hesitant of them at first.

4. After asking question #3, I realized how remarkably many of the adaptations I’ve seen have Cinderella either horseback riding or involved with horses. Have you ever ridden? If so, have you ever ridden sidesaddle or bareback? 
Oh, I'm so glad you asked!! Yes, I rode for several years.. Since I was about eight or nine, although I don't ride anymore. I have never ridden side saddle, :( but I have ridden bareback. Let me tell you, that was one of the most amazing, beautiful experiences of my life! I loved it, and will never forget what it felt like.
I love this. If I could ride that horse, I would. Aggh its so pretty!

5. Your favorite Cinderella dress/s? 
Ooohhh... I would say my favorite is Cinderella's wedding dress, in the 2015 version. I practically shrieked when I saw it. I wuvs it.

Apparently those flowers were hand applied/painted...

6. Do you ever think of Cinderella while doing your household chores? :)

Normally I don't, no. But when I was little probably three or four, my mom asked me to do a chore for her... I sighed and said "Another job, step mother?" Ya. I must have just watched the movie...
7. What major character traits do you think are essential in a faithful prince? 
 Honor, loyalty, humility, a sense of humor, bravery, kindness, and undying love for his princess are essentials. And good looks, if he can help it. ;)

8. Your top THREE favorite fairy tales (as in the original folk tales, not adaptations). 
Oh my... *pulls out my old Grimm's fairy tale book*

1. The Twelve Dancing Princesses
2. Rapunzel
3. Briar Rose (Sleeping beauty)

9. Your top FIVE current favorite fairy tale/legend type films (BESIDES any Cinderella adaptations). 
1. Once Upon a Time
Technically this isn't a film... It's a TV show, but it has practically every fairy tale character in it... So I figured it counted.

2. Maleficent

This was sooo good!! The acting and everything was perfect.

3. Robin Hood

This movie was soooo good!! And Russell Crowe AND Cate Blanchett in the same film... What? Epic.

4. Cinderella 2015

Because how could I not include this one?? This one was so sweet, I loved it.

5. Disney's Original Cinderella

Because this one is a childhood favorite. It's so lovely.

10. If you could play Cinderella and the story could be set in any region of the world and any time period, what would you pick? And what would your dream ‘ball gown’ for it be like? 
Ooooh... At any region? In any time period? Well..... Just to switch it up, I would think it would be lovely to play a Cinderella who lived in Scotland, or Wales during the medieval times. Because THIS landscape:

And dream dress? Something like this:
Jeanne, the eldest child of Royce and Lilou, she was married to her cousin Roul and her daughter Celeste would become the first wife of King Tristian.:
Maybe a few color adjustments.. But something flowy and gorgeous like this.
This one is pretty to though...
Penelope enjoys her more simple fairy-style gowns for when she is at her summer home getting inspired.:
Maybe a mix between those two.
11. And (purely for fun :))… what color/s do you immediately associate with Cinderella?
Blue. Definitely blue.
Thanks for the tag Heidi!! It was a blast! Anyone else interested in the tag, please do it. Just make sure to give Heidi the link to your answers at Along the Brandywine . Go. Live your dream and do the tag.
Farewell for now!


  1. Great answers, Abigail! I really enjoyed this :-)

    Yes--I did the tag on Heidi's blog and I also picked the medieval era. Just cause it would be awesome. :-)

    1. Thank you!!

      Oh good! I shall have to read it!! And medieval?? Yes.

  2. Lovely, lovely!

    We're together on actually preferring the wedding dress! *high-five* Must be 'cause we think alike ;)

    I love all the pictures you included…and that scottish dress?! *drools*

    Haha, your answer to #7 made me think of Pride and Prejudice: "Handsome, too, which a young man ought to be if he POSSIBLY can." ;D

    I haven't watched the Russell Crowe Robin Hood YET, but I've heard it's good. I hesitate because I know I will henceforth forever compare all RH retellings to BBC's :p

    I had fun reading your answers!!

    1. Yes!!!! *high fives back* That dress is soooo pretty.

      Thanks! Oh, I know. It's to gorgeous.

      Actaully, I was thinking of that quote!! So glad you got the reference! *happy fangirl smiles*

      Ah yes, I can imagine... That's the hard parts with re-tellings, you find a favorite, and all the others pale in comparison.

      Thank you m'dear!!

  3. Ohhh, great answers, Abigail!!

    I love your points on #'s 1 & 2. :)

    Oh, I know... her HORSE. 'Tis so gorgeous!!! And I just love the epic exhilaration of that entire first riding scene... all the way around. ;D


    And I love your medieval idea, too! Hee. This is a bit of a tangent, but in December I actually Just Finished writing a medieval Sleeping Beauty retelling set in Wales -- with the sea/coast/cliffs playing a prominent part, so I quite loved your two Scottish/Welsh inspiration pictures! ;D

    1. Thank you!!

      Yes. it just makes one's heart race doesn't it?? And that horse, agghh!!

      YASSS. Nothing else needs saying.

      Thank you! NO WAY!!! That is soooo cool!! It sounds excellent. That would make an interesting series, no? Famous fairy tales set in Medieval Scotland and Wales? Hmmm... :)

  4. P.S. I forgot to say I absolutely LOVE your summary of character traits in a prince. :D

    1. Hee hee thanks.. I'm quite the romantic, so I had quite a list of traits to choose from. I had to make sure it didn't get to long... :)


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