My top 10 shivery, spine-tingling moments of LOTR

    If any of you follow Olivia's blog, Meanwhile, In Rivendell, you would have read her post on her top five movie endings. I loved it. And I agreed with it, so I stole this post idea, with her permission.

But then as I was brainstorming ideas, I realized that a lot of my top five moments were from Lord of the Rings. Because those movies are indescribably epic.  And I post so little about them. So now the post is just my top ten moments from Lord of the Rings.

These are all moments where I get this deep-down-in-my-soul joy, those moments where you get choked up every darn time, those moments where it's so beautiful and sad all at once.

1. Frodo at Elrond's Council

This moment. Oh, this heart breaking, soul wrenching moment. This gives me shivers, because the bravery and innocence of Frodo is shown plainly. He sees the problem, and sacrifices himself to see it resolved. This moment also makes me want to cry, because I know all the pain that is to come to him, and wish it wouldn't. The look in Gandalf's eye says it all. 

2. Aragorn's entrance at Helm's Deep 

The level of epic in this moment is unfathomable... That moment when he pushes the doors open, is just like YASSSS!!!! King Elessar has returned peoples. *Sauron runs and hides*

3. The Elves arrive at Helm's Deep

Agghhh this scene. When the elves march in, and the look on the men's eyes is pure disbelief... "We would be honored to fight beside you once more. " The feels of joy are strong with this scene. 

4. Gandalf comes to Helm's Deep

I wuv this so much. When the light pours over the hill, and they charge down... It's so nice to see the darkness driven back a little further. 

5. Sam's Speech

Of course, how could I forget this scene. The beauty and truth and sorrow and hope and Agh. You understand. 

6. Theoden's speech at Gondor

This moment always makes me want to ride into battle. The bravery and courage Theoden maintains to the end is so beautiful. And that part where he rallies them by hitting their spears with his sword.... *stands up and yells GAAHHHH!!!! with everybody else*

7.  "Courage Merry, Courage for our friends."

This little whisper is so so powerful. If we could but remember to have courage. ( I know you just saw the charge, but it's worth a re-watching.) 

8. I Can't Carry it for You... 

Oh Sam. Oh sweet, loyal, brave Sam. *sniffs* No, I'm not crying, why would I?! *sobs*

9. King Aragorn's Speech

"There is a day when the courage of men shall fail, but it is not this day! This day we fight!!" Oh. My. Soul. This rally, I have no words. What can I say that will describe this scene? Or any of these scenes?? But that moment. That little whisper, "For Frodo" with a tear on his face... Heck. For once words are useless. 

10. Coronation at Gondor

Because finally a happy ending, finally some joy. But the greatest part is the "My friends, you bow to no one." part. The horridly beautiful part is the look in Frodo's eyes, because he realizes nothing will ever be the same. 

I hope that if you have never seen The Lord of the Rings, you go, and watch them now. Please, from the bottom of my heart do. Because these stories are so powerful and they will impact you, just like they did me. 




  1. Abby, what a beautiful post!! I got chills just reading it. YES to all!! One of my favorites, "My friends, you bow to no one." eepp. "For Frodo." Tears. I could go on. I LOVE this post, Abby. Well done!! :D

    1. Aw, thank you Morgan!! :)

      Oh, good! My word, yes. I love how Aragorn is humble to the end. "For Frodo." *cries a bucket load of tears in my heart*

      I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Thanks again!

  2. These are awesome!

    The last two times before last time I watched RotK, I had to skip the Grey Havens scene because of time constraints, but I watched it a few weeks ago and I cried. It's not faaaaaiir! ;)

    1. Thanks!!!

      Oh yes, I feel ya. I was considering putting that one in, but then I realised that that scene is more of a 'curl up in a ball and cry cause it hurts' moment then an epic moment.. ;)

  3. Oh, Abby!!!! Stop making me cry!!!! I agree (once again) with every word of this post!! Someday a whole bunch of us are going to have to get together and watch these!!!

    (btw, I had tears in my eyes through the whole post! Yes, yes, YES!!)

    1. I'm sorry! I'm not trying to make people cry... ;) Yay! I'm glad you agree.

      Oh yes! We truly must. I've always dreamed of a meet-up... Maybe someday, God willing.

      I feel ya. I was watching the 'I can carry you scene' when I was writing it, and started tearing up.. A minute later I was full on crying, like I-could-have-curled-up-and cried-for-hours crying, and wondering what the heck, while experiencing the true power of stories and film. That's the most emotional I've ever gotten in a movie. :)

  4. "My friends, you bow to no one."


    1. I know. That moment is just aadfhlahslkdfjhsjdf....

      Have you watched the movies Jessica?

    2. I always cry there.. every time whether it be book or film.. Hi btw I'm new to your blog and what a great first post I read :D

    3. Oh, it's so beautiful and sad. (how is it possible for a happy ending to be sad?!!)

      Welcome m'dear!!!! I'm so glad you liked it! :) Thanks for commenting, I love meeting new readers. :)

    4. No, I have not watched them yet. ARGGGG I REALLY REALLY NEED TO. But . . . you know. School, and all that sort of thing :-( Maybe this summer . . . ? :-)

  5. My top pick is Sam carrying Frodo. That's heroism at its finest, right there, and I can't even think about it without tearing up. Such a beautiful moment in both the movie and the book <3

    1. YES!!!! It's beautiful. The determination and loyalty.. "Then lets be rid of it! Once and for all. " AGH. I watched the scene again and broke down crying... It was so beautiful.

  6. Oh my goodness gracious, this post is PERFECTION! *squeals with delight because it's LotR* These movies are my favorite movies of all time (and that's saying something). They're so powerful and emotional and...and...words fail to describe my ardent love for them <333

    I love all of these scenes so much! The Elves arriving! Sam's speech! The coronation! They're all epic and inspiring. I was crying as I read this post because the moments you picked give me all the feels. *curls up in a corner and cries*

    Oh, I should probably introduce myself. My name's Mary, and I've been enjoying your posts for quite some time yet hadn't ever gotten around to commenting. But this post was just too wonderful to pass up! Expect to see many more (very long) comments from this crazy person in the future! :)

    1. *squeals back* YES!! LOTR is amazing. <3 We loves it for ever precious.

      I'm glad you enjoyed it.. And those scenes; the feels are to intense...... I broke down crying at the "I can carry you one."

      Lovely to meet you! ;) You know who I am... I'm glad you've enjoyed Castles in the Air! And please don't hesitate to comment... I love comments: especially long ones. :)

  7. I HAVEN'T WATCHED THESE :( But your amazingly gorgeous inspiring post prompted me to go on Youtube and watch every clip in existence of these movies! THEY ARE AMAZING!!! Thanks :) :) :)

    1. Awww, m'dear.. Watch them as soon as you can, please!! :) Not a problem, I'm glad you enjoyed the post!!


    Abigail, this. I just…yes. I understand. I feel you, girl. FOR REALS EVERY SINGLE SCENE YOU MENTIONED. Especially Theoden's speech and the coronation at Gondor <3 <3 <3

    1. Oh, yes!!!! Everytime I watch them they just punch you in the gut with their power and epic-ness...... And Theoden's speach, and AGHHH everything. I wuvs them sooooo much!


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