Movie Review: Brooklyn

 It is here at last: A review of Brooklyn.

And just to warn you now, this review will have excessive pictures, because this movie is beautiful.

I really, truly loved this movie. It was sweet, subtle, heart-wrenching, romantic.... Not to mention all soft and golden and beautiful to watch. Every scene had me and my girlfriends squealing about her outfits.

The storyline is very good. It follows the journey of Eilis, a young Irish girl who goes to work and live in Brooklyn. *shocker!! Her name ISN'T Brooklyn!*

     I don't really want to give away much of the story, but let me just say, I LOVE EILIS. And Tony is so sweet, and her boss is hilarious, and her story is beautiful, and she is strong and brave, and quite frankly was an inspiration to me. I want to travel desperately, but am also quite afraid of leaving home, and being homesick. Eilis' strength was encouraging. You'll understand when you watch it. :)

Now for the content. There is only one scene that must be fast forwarded, and it's quite obvious when it happens, so you will have plenty of time to fast forward.

 Also, Eilis begins to flirt with and lead on another man, to the point of him proposing, even though **SPOILER** She is married to Tony. **END OF SPOILER** That was the only time I got frustrated because it's like, come on girl! Use your head! Other then that, the film was lovely. I highly encourage you to watch it, you will enjoy it indeed. Mom and I thought that they ended the film sort of badly...... I'm not a hundred percent convinced that it was a bad ending, so if you have seen it, discuss it with me in the comments.

Here is the trailer for those who haven't seen it:


  1. I LOVE ALL THE COSTUMES. I'm not usually a 40s/50s person, to be honest; but these clothes are purrrrrrrfect. I especially love the 3rd-from-top photo, the one with the sunglasses :-)

  2. OOOOH Now I HAVE to see this!

  3. Oooh..her skirts!!! Just those are enough to want to watch it! :)


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