Something is Happening, About to Begin

  So remember that thing I mentioned a bit ago? That audition for a certain Broadway show? *ahem Mary Poppins ahem*

  Yes. Well. I GOT IN!!!!!!! *Dances around the room and screams wildly.* I found out yesterday, (Wednesday) after a week and a half of agonizing waiting. So now, I am officially apart of the Mary Poppins Ensemble, with The Community Players of New Hamburg. *screams again*

  I will be playing Fannie, twin sister to Annie, and daughter of Mrs. Corry. I know nothing else about them, because they aren't in the Disney movie, and I've never seen the Broadway show.
 Nonetheless, I'm sure Fannie will be a brilliantly fun character, and I'm especially excited, because although Fannie is a member of the ensemble, the fact that she actually has a name, suggests that she might actually have a few speaking parts, as well as singing and dancing. *excitement increases*

 Rehearsals start Febuary the 5th, and will continue ever Sunday and Thursday night, as well as Tuesdays if they're needed, until show week in May. So my life will get very busy, very fast, but in the best way possible.

   I'm so grateful for this opportunity to try out a larger scale production, and to get involved in such an amazing Community Theatre, where I'll learn so flipping much!! Now I can finally start listening to the soundtrack non stop, and watching all the YouTube clips I can find. I'm counting down till the Read Through, and can't wait to see who's going to be my twin sister, and Mary Poppins and GAHHH!  ;)

  "Wind's in the East, there's a mist rolling in; like something is happening, about to begin!" 


  1. OH MY GOODNESS, YOU'RE GOING TO BE A STAR!! THAT'S SO AWESOME THAT YOU GOT IN! I can say that I read your blog before you were famous. ;)

  2. Eeeeep, congratulations, Abigail!!!! That's so very exciting!!!! :D


  3. Oooooo!! Have fun and congratulations!!

  4. Congratulations, Abigail!! I hope it's a great experience for you. :D

    I love your title, by the way. And I love all the B&W Julie Andrews/ Dick Van Dyke pictures. I have the first one on a cork board collage in my room. :)

  5. Oh My God!! I don't know you but you seem very happy and when something like this happens, everybody should be happy too because the hapiness should be shared. So, congratulations :D
    By the way, I like so much Mary Poppins hehe


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