Why We Read {AKA Why Books Are Epic}

   So January is nearly at a close, (screams internally) which means we are almost a month into 2017! By now most of us have set our Goodreads challenges, and hopefully have started slowly chipping away at our enormous TBR pile.

*Bookshelf Goals*

   We've probably all re-organized our bookshelves at least once, to make room for our constantly growing collections, and we have enjoyed it far more than a normal human being aught too. (Aren't ordinary people adorable?) 

  By this point in the year, I have proudly finished two books, both 500-600 pages, and I'm starting my third. I know this isn't many, but considering the fact that last year was pretty much one enormous reading slump, I'm rather proud of myself. 

 So far this year, I've read so long that I've lost track of time, and when I looked up it was dark out. *surprise* I've binge read way past an okay hour on a school night, and regretted it the next day. I've laughed, and cried and squealed like a dying cat. I've shooed my family out of my room, (cause I was reading darnit!!) and I've consumed unbelievably amounts of tea and cocoa while reading.

  I know none of this is news to any of you lovelies, because we are all alike and we understand each other, ;) but my point is this: what in the world is it that makes us read so passionately and unpredictably? What is it that makes us abandon common sense and logic, and spend half our day *or night* reading? What is it about these books that we feel the need to spend most of our money buying new ones? What is it about stories that makes us weep, and laugh, and keep coming back for more, more, more? 

To be completely truthful, I don't know. But I can try to explain? 

  Books themselves are magical. Like honestly, they smell amazing, look adorable, and make great decorations. And the fact that books themselves have been around for so incredibly long is amazing. Whenever I hold an old book, I'm blown away by the idea that dozens of people have held the same book, read the same story, cried over the same characters, and done all the things that I do. Think of how many bookshelves it's sat on, how many hands have gripped it tightly, how many people have spent their money on it.

 One of the best feelings in the world, is when you pick up a book and start reading, and you get that wonderful delicious feeling like you've finally come home, and you realize how much you loved these characters, that one castle, or the adorable ship that will never sail.
  And then you just sit on your bed, or in your chair and hug your book as tight as you can without damaging it and just feel like bursting because you're so happy to be back, and so sad you'll have to leave soon. It's one of those feelings you will never, ever be able to relate too, or understand until you've experienced it. 

 And then there are moments where the book itself is so beautifully written, and so simply powerful that you stop and scream and cry a little because this is how words are supposed to be used; not to hurt people, or not to use endlessly till they become useless, but to stop you in your tracks and make you think. 

*All of these quotes are from the Throne of Glass Series,
by Sarah J. Maas. Guys, these books are intense. I'll do a review when I'm done.*

But seriously, have you ever cried just because of the sheer beauty of what you just read? Whether it was the raw emotion in a character, or a statement that just drove home, or a thought voiced so elegantly you couldn't take it? I sure as heck know I have.

    And so once you've experienced stories that are stunning and powerful and once you've meet characters you love and are the best of friends with, and once you've lived and lands and castles far more beautiful and magical than anything in our world, why in all the stars wouldn't you want to buy more? 
   It's so satisfying to look at your aesthetically pleasing shelves, and your pretty books and just soak in the amazingness of having so many doorways to other times and places at your fingerprints.

  So that's why we read. We read because of the beauty of the written word, and because of the friends we make, and the places we travel too. We read because we learn so flipping much, and our lives are enriched by the stories we experience. We read because stories are something our souls crave. We spend our money, because these books are treasures to keep forever. We binge read, and stay up late because the feeling of being apart of a story greater than ourselves is addicting.  

  If someone way out there in the wide internet who has never read a good book before is reading this, I hope it has encouraged you to give reading another chance.

  And if you are a seasoned reader reading this, I hope it has encouraged you keep reading. I hope it's encouraged you to never out grow your favourite fairytales, and to never stop expanding your mind through extensive reading.

*Kudos to you if you read the whole post. It's very long XD*


  1. This post gave me chills. I often take books and stories for granted, just reading and enjoying the story, but not relishing the feeling of being so completely immersed in a book. One of my favorite feelings in the world is where I will read a piece of shining description over and over. The words just seem to glimmer with beauty. It really is incredible. :)

    1. Aw I'm so glad you enjoyed it Laura! I honestly do to, and then you find a book that just blows you away and you remember why you fell in love with reading to begin with.



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