Valentine's Day Thoughts {All the Single Ladies!}

     Happy Valentine's Day! Or to people like myself, Happy Single's Awareness Day! ;)  I love Valentine's Day. Because who wouldn't love a day in the middle of winter when everything is pink and red and frilly and romantic, and candy flows like water? It's wonderful. As I was walking around school today, and observing all the obnoxious high school couples all over the place, I was thinking about how my opinion of Valentine's Day has changed over the years, and thinking about how a young woman ought to view Valentine's Day while she is waiting to find her own Prince Charming.

Happy Valentine's Day!:

   I feel like to many young women, if you aren't in a relationship on Valentine's Day, then your world might as well just come crashing down around you. It's the day of love, and you don't have a special guy to share it with. How much more horrible can it get?!

  I completely understand those feelings. I've felt those feelings. But ladies, we are so. much. more. than our relationship status. We are young women who's lives are not defined by whether or not we have a boyfriend, or significant other. We are young women who are loved endlessly by the One who created us. We are young women who have been created with the capability to impact others profoundly with our lives, our voices, our kindness, our love. And we are young ladies, whose lives are just beginning, who's plan the Lord has just started to unfold, and we have the world at our fingertips.

  So on Valentine's Day, don't let it be a day when you mourn the fact that you are single. Instead, remind yourself that you are already loved by the Lord, and by others. Remember that your life is bigger than your relationship status. Celebrate the love that is around you, celebrate with those who have found their true loves. And learn from the wise relationships of your parents, and grandparents.

   With all that being said, it't still totally ok spending a day to just enjoy romantic books and movies, and be all gushy and cheesy about our favourite Rom Coms, or Period Drama's, because that's just downright fun. There's nothing wrong with being single, (especially at our age) but there's also nothing wrong with dreaming about the Valentine's Day when we will have someone, and we will have found our own Prince Charming, or Mr. Darcy, or Henry Tilney, that the Lord has planned for us.

  That's why today, when I get home from school, (I'm currently in my free period) I'm going to wear pink clothes, and drink lots of tea from fancy tea cups, and eat chocolate and watch Jane Austen or The Young Victoria, or Shakespeare, or Gilmore Girls or anything else adorable and romantic. I'm
gonna dream about finding my own Tom Hiddleston, (because guys, he's so *swoon*)

But most importantly  I'm going to cherish the time I have now, whether I'm single or not; and enjoy the wonderful, exciting life that's been laid out for me to walk. And someday, Lord willing, I'll find the person who's meant to walk it with me. 


  1. Exactly! I've talked to a few people who were feeling very sad because they were all alone for Valentine's Day, but they're only 15! That's so young to be in a relationship, but society has deemed that if a girl over 13 isn't in a relationship, then something is wrong with her. BUT NO. We are strong, independent young women who don't need no man (at least for right now). :D

    1. Yess!!! It makes me so sad to see young girls try to desperately be in relationships just because they feel like they aren't anything without one.

      Exactly. This is such an important time if life right now, when we're able to dream freely and just get to know ourselves. We don't need to be defined by our relationship status. (Although I know it's hard not to be.) That being said I'm still a hopeless romantic and will constantly dream about the day I am in a relationship. ;)

  2. AMEN! Ahh, what a fantastic post, Abby! (I'm so sorry I haven't been over here in AGES, by the way. Still beautiful as ever. <3)

    1. Ah thank you my friend.

      Ahhh it's all good; I know how nuts life can be. I have missed you though!!! I'm so glad you're back!!


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